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Power Reels from a Pilates Perspective


As a Pilates instructor I’m always looking for ways to take my clients’ workouts (and my own) to the next level. There’s not much I fear more than instructing the same single dimensional workout again and again! My clients will plateau, see no results, become frustrated and eventually find somewhere else to workout. Not to mention that I will become bored with instructing and will see no growth with my own teaching.


Recently I found one such way to enhance and transform my clients with Powerreels.


By incorporating the powerreels into traditional Pilates abdominal and leg exercises, more muscles have been engaged, more calories have been burnt and more coordination has been utilised. And did we mention that every single client that has tried the powerreels have been unanimous on one thing? They have all found the reels ‘FUN’!



The powerreels allow the body to work in multi-dimensional movements, instead of always working in a single-directional plane. This adds numerous new exercises to your Pilates repertoire! By changing the angle of the power reels slightly you create a whole new exercise that targets different muscles.

The continuous resistance mechanism in the powerreels keeps the muscles working throughout the entirety of each exercise.

This constant resistance is something that we as Pilates instructors want our clients to understand and to create themselves, which can be a very tricky concept. The powerreels assist by providing this resistance, which results in stronger and leaner muscles as well as increased body awareness.

All these benefits of the powerreels lead to a stronger, more focused and more challenging workout which will yield better results for your clients, which I feel is the whole point of being a Pilates instructor!

The powerreels have added the much needed ‘revolution’ to our clients’ workouts that has taken their Pilates to the next level.

If you are looking for a way to improve your clients’ workouts, or your own; here it is!