Power Reels have arrived

David Norman   >  15 January 2018

The World’s latest innovative fitness product has finally arrived.


I was luckily enough to experience POWER REELS first hand in a boxing class and it was a massive 'aha' moment for me as I saw its endless possibilities and applications flash before my eyes. Don't get me wrong this is not the golden ticket or magic bullet for a fitness product because nothing is, but it's incredibility unique and truly one of a kind.

I saw applications for power reels in nearly every exercise class from Pilates to cycling to rehab and for home use. Whilst shaped like a dumbbell it uniquely has 2 sets of 'cords' attaching at the top and bottom of the hand grips as per the picture below.




These cords expand extend and then recoil with even tension throughout any distance that the handles are separated limited only by ones wingspan. This constant load tension comes in 3 sizes or weights being 3lb (1.36kg), 5lb (2.27kg) and 8lb (3.63kg) and whilst these don't sound overly heavy it's the constant load that places challenge on both opposing hands but ultimately where that line of force is flexed, extended, pulled or pushed or swung. 

If you like variety in your workouts then there's nothing that compares to the POWERREELS.

I can do movements under load that I can't do with any other pieces of equipment so that makes it fun and novel for my body. 

Today, in the fitness industry we are learning the body is more connected than ever. We are learning about fascia connecting our body so the fluid motions and compound free flowing movements power reels allow us to move in (whilst also allowing traditional isolated contractions) enhance this co-ordination of our connective tissues... so basically I'm saying give power reels a go and add it to your training,  you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Stay tuned for more video workouts and tips and get exploring what you can do with power reels.