Axius Core

David Norman   >  8 February 2018


Axius Core, the most functional piece of equipment ever created!


And I’m not overreacting. Ever wondered what the benefits of rotation, balance and tilting is for your health and fitness regime?


Well that is what the Axius Core product has set out to achieve with the release of their innovative 3 in 1 functional tool. As I review this product developed by former US rugby union star Brian Doyle, I can see the appeal for users and Trainers/Therapists who I often hear throw away such comments as “if only this product would do X or Y.  I’d be able to combine so many more exercises, progressions and get better value for money”, well now this is a product that can.


Axius Core is a wobble board of sorts that can tilt in all directions for both hands and feet, but it can also roll and move challenging balance, co-ordination and rotation. It’s handles act at focal point to also control the Axius Core in prone positions, or use to lift as a weighted object. Ultimately having one universal tool replacing many separate products is value for money, but also simplicity and efficiency in ones practise.  







Axius Core is highly effective training tool is  also portable at a functional weight of 7kg. 


So I put Axius Core to the test and had a great workout. We completed some hamstring rolls which we found fabulous for my mobility in both lower and upper back at various stages of the movement. Add to this, my abs and obliques were burning pushing my heart rate up due to the full body rolling!


But we only touched the surface with the amount of function this great product has. For more info on Axius Core google the many training videos online.


Available in Australia at