Sandbells Are they better than Kettlebells?

David Norman   >  10 November 2017

Sandbells are they better than Kettlebells.



SandBells, are they better than Kettlebells?

It’s a question that comes up all the time, and there is no right answer, but one thing I do know is the SandBell ticks a heap of boxes. 


It was hard crossing over after years of traditional kettlebell training, but after experiencing a Sandbell program, it opened up a world of opportunity for me and our clients.  We were no longer constrained by the limitation of the Kettlebell, or dumbbells for that matter!!


The reason kettlebells are so popular is you can design an entire program with them, using the full weight range you can train the entire body. Gyms and studios worldwide are holding class exclusively using kettlebells.  That said, once we introduced the Sandbell in a similar context we realized the potential was limitless.

They are extremely versatile, combining the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls and sandbag training into one powerful weight training tool.


In the one Sandbell session we are combining our traditional exercises like Swings, Lunges, Rows with slams and other activities.  BUT you can’t throw a kettlebell or dumbbell in a group session, nor have a tool where the mass constantly changes and this is where Sandbells excel. We can engage our clients with fun activity that still reaps the benefits of a full body HIIT or movement based work out.


Clients also like the soft nature of the Sandbell, they find the shifting sand challenging, but more importantly the feedback we get is they don’t get sore wrists hold the bell (although it improves grip strength dramatically), they’re not banging the weights on their shins or head.


So are SandBells better than Kettlebells?

I would say yes, they provide the same functionality as a Kettlebells with a whole other level of training techniques available. 


I know the purists will probably disagree but its just a matter of having an open mind and giving this fitness equipment a go… variety is the spice of life right!  Sandbells and at home training tips are available in Australia at



Sandbells are pretty good.

on 3 December 2017
We just started using Sandbells and I still like the Kettlebells, they are very different ... But Sandbells are good for slams!!!

Fitbod Online Response
I know what you mean... Still room for both for sure. Get in trouble if you slam a KB into the floor of your local studio... Ha ha.